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Beautiful white Persian Cat with a golden color scepter and a crown on the head is on the picture.
Her Majesty the Persian Cat

Yes, it is a Persian cat. She has always enchanted many with her beauty and glamorous fur and posture. Even more beautiful and sweeter than an adult cat, are Persian cat kittens. But there are very conflicting views about the origin of this beauty. According to some, it originates from Persia (in Persian: "Gorbe-ye irāni" - an Iranian cat), while according to others, it does not originate from the Middle East, but from a Russian domestic cat and has little to do with the Asian line. To this fact, experts have come by the latest genetic analysis of the Persian cat. However, some experts, believe that the Persian cat was created by crossing the European wild cat and the Pallas steppe cat that lives in the Caspian Lake area and the steppes of Central Asia.

The ancestors of today's Persian cat were first introduced in London's Crystal Palace in 1871, and since then this breed has gained dizzying popularity throughout Europe, and the European aristocracy is responsible for its promotion. At the time, having a Persian cat in a castle was considered prestigious.

A very cute, white Persian kitten is sitting in a small animal bed made of wood.
Little Persian Kitten

The Persian cat has long silky hair with a thick undercoat, which requires frequent grooming (regular brushing and extra protection), and a wide head, short nose, and wide jaw require a special way of feeding and a special type of diet. Precisely because of these anatomical specifics, cats are prone to health problems with their skin, eyes, and breathing and cannot tolerate heat.

These beauties belong to the breed of calm and quiet cats, very gentle in nature. Therefore, they adore a peaceful environment indoors, i.e. in the house. They almost always have a favorite place to lie down and nap. They don't like chasing, stunts, or climbing at all. They are "safest" on the ground. Still, they are very happy when they play with their favorite toys. Persian cats seek the attention of their owners, and in return give “tons” of love and affection (I say this from my own experience as a former owner of Persian cats).

A nice, white Persian Cat is standing on the green grass in the middle of a meadow.
Persian Cat In The Meadow

In any case, the Persian cat is the oldest purebred cat, and the name “Persian” was established in the early 20th century with the advent of the first breeding societies.

Therefore, I invite you to leave your opinion on it in the comments, if you know something more, or, simply just state your opinion, which is more realistic to You.

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