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Not that they only positively affect your emotional state, but PETS can also seriously help you solve some mental problems and maintain mental health. A DOG, CAT, HORSE, and SNAKES are just some of the PETS, which will beneficial to act on your emotions and preserve your mental health. It is commonly known that PETS recognize our emotions and they will even "smell" some diseases. That we as the owners know very well, and we are therefore mentally healthier and healthier in general than those who do not have PETS. Doctor of Psychiatry, Judith Joseph was also talking about that topic in her videos.

So without much further delay, we bring you a list of the top eight pets best for human mental health.

  • So, for example, for people with autism, number 1 is definitely CATS. They reduce stress, especially in autistic children, do not achieve intense eye contact (which could be bothering persons with autism), and understand the physical boundaries. Therefore, you will certainly not be mistaken, if you choose a CAT for your PET.

  • Do you suffer from depression? The best choice for you is a DOG because it requires daily walks, training, and socialization, and will make you come out of the house and may have some social contact that will greatly positively affect your problems. In addition, the DOG is sympathizing with his owner and reads people very well.

  • If you are anxious, get the FISH, because only watching the aquarium will lower your blood pressure and calm the brain waves.

  • For people with ADHD, Dr. Joseph recommends LIZARDS because they do not require much care or maintenance, so those who have problems with attention and organization will be able to deal with LIZARDS easily.

  • If you have bipolar disorder, you must certainly get a SNAKE, as her rhythmic movements will stabilize, or at least help stabilize your mood.

  • For people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the best PET is a BIRD because it produces soothing sounds and relatively rarely pollutes the house.

  • And for those who suffer from dementia, TURTLES are proposed, which, because of their slower rhythm, according to Dr. Joseph can help start memories. However, the possession of any PET can have a beneficial effect on the symptoms of dementia.

  • And finally, it should be said that the HORSES are the animals who will help people with some trauma because they encourage them to overcome their fears, connect and build trust.

Therefore, if you do not have a PET yet and you would like to preserve your physical and mental health or just alleviate everyday stress, now is the right time for PET procurement. Do not wait until tomorrow, do it today because health is invaluable.

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