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I recently shared with you my personal story of a lifelong unbreakable friendship between a cat and a dog. That dogs and cats do not have to be "sworn enemies" is also shown by the fact that some breeds of cats get along very well with dogs. I will now address this in particular in this post. So, I’m going to talk about cat breeds that get along very well with dogs. If you are lovers of both and would like to have them in your home, it would be a good idea to check out cat breeds that are ideal for coexistence with dogs. So I will make it easy for you and list 10 of them. Now let's start with the top 10 breeds of cats ideal for coexistence with dogs.


It is characterized by a strong connection with family members of all ages and a great attachment to the owner, playfulness, and intelligence. In fact, she is more intelligent than other breeds of cats. She is also the sweetest of all cat breeds. She is an excellent pet and behaves a bit like a dog. She is very talkative, but also a little mysterious. She will also show her friendliness towards dogs. So it is no wonder that this beautiful cat with shiny hair and yellow eyes is number one when it comes to living with dogs.


This oriental long-haired beauty originates from the area of ​​present-day Iran and Turkey. It is a very smart and loyal cat, but also determined and stubborn. It is strongly connected with only one person - it would be said: "she chooses the owner". She is sociable, gets along well with other animals, including dogs, and does not tolerate loneliness. In addition to playing, she also loves swimming, as well as sitting on top of closets and doors. If you opt for this beautiful cat, you will never want to replace it with another breed.


It is one of the first breeds of cats to start living alongside humans. It originates from the African wild cat and was brought to Europe from Africa. It is an excellent hunter, but it is not aggressive, so it is ideal for keeping indoors. Her temperament is balanced and stable. She loves to play with people and dogs alike. She has a habit of always being with the owner, so don't be surprised if she follows you in the footsteps of whatever you do. In return, she asks for attention and cuddling. Therefore, if she misses it, she can very easily become depressed. With proper care and nursing, this beauty will adorn your life for another 20 years (that’s how long her life span is).


It originates from northern Europe, Scandinavia, and Great Britain, and originated from an ordinary domestic cat. She is extremely attached to the owners and suspicious of strangers. It coexists well with other breeds of cats and non-aggressive dogs (after getting to know them well). This is a very lively and intelligent breed of cat, and they are not prone to disease. They do not require special care. It is enough, just a little time for combing, cutting claws, and a few baths, for this cat to be flawless.


They are also called SACRED BIRMANS because according to legend they are considered the guardians of the souls of Buddhist priests.

The Burmese cat is recognizable by its white "socks" on its paws, distinct blue eyes, and semi-long and shiny hair with dark parts (colorpoint) on its head, ears, legs, and tail. They have an "angelic" look, but also the same nature. They are real salon cats, but staying in the garden is a real challenge for them because like all cats, they are curious and love to explore. Burmese cats are long-lived their average life expectancy is 15-17 years and they are not prone to diseases. By temperament, they are quite calm, affectionate, and attached to their owners. They like to play, but they do it in moderation without too much chasing. They like to spend time napping on the owner's lap and are a great choice if you are also a dog owner.


This breed of cat is also called "SNOW-BOB" and "YANKEE-BOB". It is a relatively new breed of cat, created by a spontaneous gene mutation in The 1960s in America. It is recognizable by its very short tail. By the way, these are very shrewd and intelligent cats, which sometimes know how to alleviate the heated family atmosphere. They are very playful and have outstanding coordination of movements, and are even able to catch an object in flight. A good temperament allows them to get along with other pets, including dogs. Their character and kindness tell us that they are the right choice for families with children.


She is also called the "GENTLE GIANT", because of his size on the one hand and his gentle character on the other. They are similar in behavior to dogs, so they will get along well with them. They are very attached to the owner and often accompany him in daily affairs. They are sociable, so they prefer to eat in the company of other cats or humans. By no means they like to be alone. Therefore, if you already have a dog, and you are also planning a cat, then "MAINE COON CAT" is the right choice for you.


This breed of cat has been around for thousands of years, but its breeding began in the 1930s. Her somewhat wild appearance is the opposite of her character. It is an extremely cuddly and gentle cat that will get along well with other cats and dogs. They rarely meow, but they often purr.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an excellent hunter and likes to climb high places, so it is advisable to stock up on high scratchers.

Because of its character, it will fit well into any family.


Ragdoll is a relatively newer breed of cat. It originated in California in the 1960s. They belong to one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. It is a very cuddly and "quiet" breed. She is very attached to her owners, so because of that, but also because of her intelligence, she is often compared to dogs. She is moderately playful, and her playing activity is limited to just a few minutes a day. But she likes to play lying on her back most of the time. It is adorned with a tolerant attitude towards other animals and children.


The Siberian cat is a very old, natural breed of cat native to Russia. This beautiful long-haired beauty is a lively, playful, affectionate, and intelligent pussy cat. Still, she is distrustful of strangers and does not like strangers in the house. She has a great relationship with children, other cats, and dogs and as such is sociable, and does not tolerate loneliness. It gives a lot of love, and in return, it only asks for your attention.

"We take care of our pets as for ourselves"

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