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Cute Beagle Dog of black, brown and white fur color is sitting in the middle of the meadow.
Beagle Dog


Surely you remember everyone's dear cartoon hero in the form of a small, gentle, beautiful DOG with a sweet expression on his face.? Remember the popular Snoopy? Well, that Snoopy DOG belongs to the BREED that will be discussed in this text. Yes, it is BEAGLE - today's favorite family DOG suitable for both apartment and house, but a very playful and active DOG. It is a DOG that you will fall in love with at first sight and adore, but also one that will honestly activate you, because of its energy.

Nowadays, the BEAGLE is an increasingly popular home DOG, although previously, due to its refined sense of smell and hearing, it was used exclusively for hunting, mainly small game like rabbits, pheasants, quails (smaller versions of the BEAGLE), and deer (larger BEAGLES). It is a DOG that belongs to the HOUND family, in fact, we can say that it is the oldest HOUND, considering its origin dating back to Ancient Greece (430 BC). However, its origin is attributed to England, where they were brought by the Normans from Scandinavia. The BEAGLE BREED originated around the 14th century and is presumed to be a descendant of the Old English Hounds and Harriers. The appearance of the name BEAGLE dates back to 1475, while the classification of HOUND according to the purpose of HOUND, BLOODHOUNDS, etc. began in the middle of the 16th century. According to some opinions, the word BEAGLE comes from the Gaelic word "beag"=small, while according to another opinion, it is a French word "be'geule," meaning the sound of the HOUND during the hunt, and the direct meaning "open throat." By the way, BEAGLES are a BREED generally known for barking and along with the COLLIE BREED, they are among the loudest. Not only do they bark a lot, but their barking is also very loud, which refuses people to have them as PETS. However, this barking can be successfully controlled with timely training. Today's BEAGLE looks a bit smaller than its ancestor. Due to this fact, it is not suitable for bringing prey, so even a rabbit is too heavy to carry. However, due to the enormous number of odor receptors (as many as 220 million), they are of great use in search and are suitable as companions mainly for hunting small game. All the more so because he is not afraid of water and easily overcomes such obstacles in search of prey. It also does great in a pack, which is just a plus on the list of traits needed for hunting. It should be noted that BEAGL comes in 2 variants: smaller and larger. It is interesting to mention that BEAGLES are included in the top 20 MOST BEAUTIFUL BREEDS, top 10 BEST BREEDS FOR CHILDREN, and top 10 MOST POPULAR DOG BREEDS in the world.

Nice Beagle Dog of black, brown and white color is standing on the green grass.
Beagle Dog II


They belong to the group of MEDIUM SIZE DOGS.

  • Weight: 9-10 kg, females, 10-11 males

  • Height: 33-38 females, 36-41 males

  • Lifespan: 12-15 years

BEAGLES are more recognizable by their clumsy ears. These are smaller DOGS with short legs and a muscular body. They are very fast. Their eyes are large, dark brown or walnut in color. They have a larger head compared to the rest of the body with a longer neck, which allows them to follow the traces with the muzzle and a very pronounced upper jaw. Their snout is pink when they give birth, and darkens over time. Their bodies were covered with short, sharp, thick, and two-layer weather-resistant hair. Fur usually comes in a two-tone version in combinations of brown and white, yellow and white, and red and white. Although tricolors are also allowed: combinations of black, white, and brown. They admit all colors in principle, except the color of brown skin. It is important to emphasize that by standard this BREED must always have a white tip of the tail. This is the main feature of all BEAGLES.

Two cute Beagle Dogs of black, brown and white color are lying in the grass.
Beagle Dogs Brothers


BEAGLES are exceptional: affectionate, gentle, intelligent, social DOGS. They are friendly, even towards strangers, and adore children, their family, and other animals. However, if you want your cute little DOG to get along with CATS, expose him to them at an early age. They are ideal PETS, but they can also be very good HUNTING DOGS. It all depends on the training and socialization, which you need to start with from an early age. Thereby, one should keep in mind the positive TRAINING in the form of giving a treat, because they do not react best to harsh treatment. Although they are extremely intelligent, they are also very stubborn and independent, so you need to be patient with TRAINING. Therefore, it could be said that this BREED is not the most grateful for TRAINING. But still, food is the main motivator of everything. Since this BREED is generally known for barking, some consider them good guardians. But this is not exactly the case, because if a foreigner finds himself with a BEAGLE indoors, it is very likely that he will make friends with him. BEAGLE is a very playful and energetic DOG, so it requires daily training for at least 2 hours. It is therefore recommended for active families or individuals. As he is naturally curious, he should be kept under control, because as soon as he is given the opportunity, he will disappear from the yard, dig holes under the fence, or jump over it. Due to its refined sense of smell, BEAGLE will follow the smells and traces even during the walk. Because of their intelligence, they are excellent at solving the problems they face. It is a DOG that likes to be petted and seeks the attention of its owner and does not tolerate loneliness. If they are alone for too long, they are ready for various misdeeds and constant barking due to boredom. Therefore, if you are looking for a DOG, to which you will dedicate yourself only when it suits you, then the BEAGLE is not the right BREED for you.

The Pretty Beagle Dog puppy is standing on the barrel in the middle of a meadow.
Beagle Dog Puppy


Due to the thick two-layer, short, and sharp hair resistance to all weather conditions, this DOG BREED does not require special care. Just a weekly brushing is enough to remove all the dead hair and thus keep the fur clean and healthy. It is a BREED that sheds throughout the year, especially in spring, because their hair is a bit thicker in winter. Since they like to roll everywhere, their fur can take on an unpleasant smell, so they need to be bathed from time to time, which is not a problem for them because they like water. They also need to trim their nails regularly, clean their ears of wax (their ears are very sensitive), and brush their teeth to prevent bad breath and gum disease. DIET BEAGLE is a DOG that likes to eat a lot, even overeat, if you let him. It is a DOG of great appetite and will eat even from the garbage. Therefore, he is prone to being overweight, which is a huge problem with this DOG, because it puts a strain on his joints and spine. To prevent this, in addition to choosing a quality and proper diet, it is necessary to limit the intake of treats. This DOG has a fast metabolism, so it needs to be fed in small and frequent portions. It would be good to choose food adapted to the age of the DOG, depending on whether it is a PUPPY, adult, or older DOG.

Black, brown and white Beagle Dog is playing in the grass.
Beagle Dog III


Although this is a relatively healthy DOG BREED, it is necessary to watch out for certain health problems. Namely, BEAGLES are prone to hip dysplasia, ear infections, eye problems (cherry eye, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy), epilepsy, hypothyroidism, Chinese syndrome, dwarf BEAGLE syndrome (a condition in which DOG is lower than normal), intervertebral disc disease... In order to be convinced of the health condition of your PET, it is necessary to perform medical tests in the form of ophthalmologist assessments, hip dysplasia assessments, or MLS DNA tests. For all other questions about the health of your DOG, feel free to contact us in the section VETERINARY ADVICE and PET HEALTH, and our doctor of veterinary medicine will be happy to answer. If you don’t have a DOG yet, and you’d like to, be sure to consider a BEAGLE. It is a BREED created for people who have not yet had a DOG because they are cheerful, playful, gentle, intelligent, calm, friendly, and very attached to their owner and family. Also, it is very important to note: "ADOPT, DO NOT BUY!" I believe that BEAGLE will bring happiness and joy into your life and that it will be your most faithful friend for the rest of his life, and the adopted BEAGLES will express their eternal gratitude to you. Thank you for visiting our BLOG!! If you liked this story about the adorable DOG BEAGLE or found it useful, share it with your friends!! If you want to know more about this topic, feel free to contact us in the comments, or contact us via email using the form below each blog post, and we will do our best to give you the right answers. Read us further HERE, as well as on: Follow us on our YOUTUBE channel (Snježana-Xena M.): Follow us and like us on the FB page WORLD OF CATS AND DOGS: and on Instagram profile: "We take care of our pets as for ourselves"

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