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Did you know that there are different types of aggression in DOGS?

Dominant and frightening, constant — which is present all the time in the dog, and accidental and transient, which is the result of many factors. In addition, you need to determine what your dog is showing aggression towards. Are they: objects, other DOGS, people, or animals?

Do you encourage aggression in your DOG, and he accepts it?

Does the DOG listen to you when you try to show him a different way of behaving than the way he normally behaves?

These are the key questions you need to ask yourself to understand how to stop canine aggression.

Keep in mind, that the DOG expresses aggression, to protect his own life or his pack. It has been so since the beginning of time. Your dog thinks he is a pack leader and attacks to protect you and himself.

Cowardly DOGS attack only if they have nowhere to run, unlike more proactive and dominant DOGS, which will attack while still having a chance to escape.

So if you want to stop your DOG'S aggression, you need to get him to see you as a pack leader in the house. This is the easiest way to convince him that you are the one who makes the decision, and then you can convince him that you are the leader of the pack and outside, when you walk with him.

Today, great video sites talk about it and show down to the smallest detail of becoming a pack leader.

If you have convinced your DOG that you are the leader of the pack outside, and he expresses his aggression, you will see, that he will notice your behavior. Otherwise, the DOG will ignore your actions forever.

Keep in mind, that DOGS are “pack animals” that follow the pack leader! All of this that we’ve written about here will be shown to you by an ONLINE DOG TRAINER in videos on the following site:

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