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Cute cat With Santa's Hat Is on The picture with mouse in the mouth
Santa Cat With Hat And Mouse In The Mouth

All of us owners of these beautiful creatures, not a few times, were unpleasantly surprised to find a "gift" in the form of a dead or live mouse or a bird in front of the door. How to stop your cats from bringing home dead or caught animals? This was brought to us as a sign of her love and gratitude by our dear PET CAT. All the more so when it comes to a sterilized CAT, and especially a CAT whose movement is not limited only to the apartment or house, but happily runs around the yard or garden. Just such CATS will bring their prey in front of your door, or even into the interior of your living space. Although they are domestic animals, for more than 10,000 years, they still retained the instincts of their wild ancestors - the instinct to hunt.

Many of them will not kill or eat their prey, but they like to brag about it, so they often bring it to their owner as a "gift". Also, they want to share their catch with the owner to thank him for the food he gives them, or to show him friendship. That prey is, therefore, a sign that he is their friend.

Cute cat with green eyes is looking toward us wit the mouse in the mouth.
Cute Cat With Mouse In The Mouth

But there are also opinions, on how tame CATS are, our PETS imitate their wild cousins, who bring prey to their CATS, thus teaching them to hunt. Here are leading sterilized CATS, which considering they do not have young, carry the catch to their owners, in order to "provide them with food".

Regardless of the reason for bringing a "gift" to your home, it is important not to punish your PET, because she has no bad intentions, but does so instinctively. It's in her genes. To solve this problem:

  • keep it in the house or apartment, because a CAT that doesn’t go outside doesn’t hunt

  • be sure to provide your PET with enough toys and other hobbies that she loves like various CAT toys or scratchers and play with her until you get her tired, because a tired CAT goes to sleep, not hunt.

  • let your CAT be well-fed because satiated CAT hunts less or not at all

  • if your CAT brings home something she shouldn't, don't bury it near the house, because she will smell it and dig it up

  • put her a CAT bell, because the bell will alert any animal to its presence, so in most cases, your CAT will stay short-sleeved

  • avoid any bird feeders or birdhouses in the garden, as this will only create a better atmosphere for hunting

  • try TRAINING although it is very difficult and strenuous with CATS, it is not impossible (you will learn a little more about this topic in one of our next posts)

Black cat with green eyes and a mouse in the mouth is on the picture.
Black Cat With Mouse In The Mouth

So these have so far been all the possible ways you can learn how to prevent your CATS from bringing home dead or caught animals. Of course, if we find out about any other way that is more reliable or even better than the above we will surely write a new post and inform you about it as soon as possible. IF YOU MAY KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TOPIC OR HAVE A GOOD IDEA, FEEL FREE TO WRITE YOUR OPINION OR ADVICE IN THE COMMENTS, AND WE WILL TRY TO ANSWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and until then

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